celine的音标为[seɪ'li:n],中文意思为席琳(女子名)。例句:Celine Dion's private island is not in the tropics.席琳·迪翁的私人岛屿不在热带地区。

Celine [seɪ'li:n] 
n. 席琳(女子名);赛琳时装(品牌名)


1.From celine Dion, the sixth time was the charm, but her hope to expand her family was an arduous year-long journey. 


2.Famous hostess Yang Lan and Canadian pop diva Celine Dion have joined forces to roll out a jewelry brand and the grand opening was held in Beijing. 


3.In second place was Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go on, the theme from the blockbuster film Titanic. 


4.Celine Dion's private island is not in the tropics. 


5.But Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You grabbed 20% of the vote, followed by Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go on with 17%. 


6.“For the dramatic interpretation, read this from SAI while listening to Celine Dion”. 

什么叫做戏剧化的诠释? 在听席琳迪翁的同时读读来自SAI的这篇文章吧。

7.Singer Celine Dion is reportedly pregnant with twins after her sixth attempt at in-vitro fertilisation. 


8.US pop queen Madonna, Canadian crooner Celine Dion and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are all descended from the same French carpenter, according to a records archive launched today.


9.Celine has become an advocate for the environment, lived in America for a time, and has a boyfriend, a photojournalist. 


10.Because Jesse and Celine had never exchanged addresses, there was no way for them to contact each other, which resulted in their missed connection.